Church Ministries

Altar Society & Altar Linen & Church Decorations

St Patrick’s Church has been lucky to have had a long history of support from its volunteers in the care of its property, and no more so than those who specifically take care of the sanctuary space of our church.

Altar Society

Our Altar Society is made up of a team of volunteers who are rostered in groups each week of a month’s cycle to prepare our sanctuary for the Masses of the week and they do this beautifully with appropriate floral arrangements, shining brassware and clean spaces. This group especially excels at Easter and Christmas when we have the most beautiful floral displays on the sanctuary which are themed to blend with the decorations that have been prepared by the Church Decorations group to showcase the focus of the celebration of the Masses at these special times.

Church Decoration

Though this group is comprised of just two or three, who use their skills to set the scene during the seasons and feasts of the Church calendar year, and are always looking for assistance. 

Altar Linen

Our group of Altar Linen volunteers are rostered to launder, iron and return the cloths used at the altar each week at Mass, and their service is invaluable.

If you have some creative skills or just desire to help and would like to join any of these groups, or simply to know more before you make a decision, please just contact our Parish Office on 4325 1042.

Audio Visual Preparation & Presentation Teams

The PowerPoint presentations of the liturgy at the Masses each weekend have become an integrated part of our worship and something that most people greatly enjoy.

Volunteers also screen the presentations at the four Masses each week, on an eight week roster cycle, and there is always room for more volunteers to share the load.

If you have any computer skills and a desire to help out, please contact us at the Parish Office on 4325 1042 and we will organise training. 


St Patrick’s is fortunate to have a number of groups and individuals to lead us in musical prayer at our Vigil, 9am & 6pm Masses each weekend.

Supporting our Weekend Liturgies

Our 9am Mass choir is a family within the parish family which takes pride in its contribution to the liturgies both here in our church and sometimes in support of major services at our Cathedral, or local ecumenical services. They practise once a week and are rostered at the 9am Mass three to four times per month. 

The 2nd Sunday of the month choirs are comprised of our Filipino parishioners who have two groups, ‘Juan Ride’ which accompanies the Vigil Mass, and another which accompanies the 9am Mass.

In addition all other Vigil Masses are liturgically supported by the gifts of individual talented musicians and singers.

And finally, our 6pm Sunday night Mass hosts our Youth Band which has been vibrantly assisting in this liturgical celebration for many years now.

Supporting our Family Masses

Our scheduled Family Masses are supported by “Children’s” band which provides the music well known to the children, and they sing up so joyfully.

If you have a desire to join any of these groups please simply call the Parish Office. 


The collection and counting of the donations offered at each of the two collections at each Mass are important functions undertaken by a group of volunteers after the Sunday Masses, and on a nominated morning per week in preparation for banking. 

We also have a team which volunteers to transfer the collections to the parish safe. If you would like offer your assistance in any of these roles, please simply call the Parish Office.

Liturgical Ministries

A large number of people make themselves available to serve as Liturgical Ministers at our weekday or weekend Masses in the roles of Acolyte/Senior Server, Junior Server, Commentator, Reader or Special Minister of the Eucharist

The Acolytes/senior servers with the assistance of the Junior Servers, are responsible for setting up before Mass, ensuring that the other rostered ministers have arrived and making alternate arrangements if they haven't, for coaching and prompting Junior Servers in their tasks, and generally for trying to ensure that everything runs smoothly during liturgies. 

Readers are responsible for proclaiming the Word of God to the assembly. To do this they need to prepare themselves beforehand by reading and reflecting on the passage they are to proclaim so that it truly speaks to those listening. 

The Commentator's role is to welcome the assembly and to lead the assembly in the Prayers of the Faithful.

Special Ministers of the Eucharist have the role of assisting with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. After Mass many of them also take Holy Communion to the homes of the sick and elderly of our community who are unable to get to the church.

Our Junior Altar Servers are a fundamental part of the team which assists our clergy in the celebration of the Mass. Life is busy these days and the commitment from parents isn’t as readily forthcoming as it used to be, nevertheless we have a dedicated troop of altar servers whose devotion to their service sets a shining example for all. 

If you, or your child, would like to be involved in any of the above appropriate ministries, please do not hesitate to speak with Father, or contact the Office.   


The ministry of Welcoming the people who come to our church for Mass is recognised to be very important as these ministers represent God who welcomes all into his Church. 

It can be very intimidating to enquirers or those who have been away from the Church for some time to walk through the doors to attend Mass, and how reassuring is it when someone says “hullo and welcome”. Even those who come to Mass each weekend often feel the need of the sight of a smiling welcome into the community of those who share a common bond in the love of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to be part of this ministry, please just contact the Parish Office on 4325 1042.